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  • Age24
  • Weight53
  • Height170
  • Breasts3

Are you single and looking for a girl to portray as your girlfriend for office or friends-get together events? Then, Diana has been just perfect for you. She knows very well how to present herself for any social occasion. She always dresses nicely for parties and act normally as your girlfriend who really cares about you. When someone asks how you met her, she always has the story ready for it. The reason that Dianna acts so perfectly is because she is an aspiring actress. She is working as a professional escort till she lands a big role in Russian Film/TV industry. She resembles a younger version of Catherine Zeta Jones. In-fact, she looks more beautiful than her. In a crowd of hundred beautiful girls, your gaze will always fall on her, because she looks different. She has curly bob cut hair just like Demi Moore in Ghost, voluptuous figure, long smooth legs and firm breasts. She starts with lip to lip kissing, rolling tongue in your mouth and then moving to whole body. But her favorite thing in making out is anal sex. She really enjoys when you insert your organ with full force in her body. She is an expert in Kama Sutra and the missionary position. In fact, she always tries two to three positions in satisfying his carnal desires. Spending night with her is just pure magic. To make an appointment with this lovely lady, just call us or drop an email mentioning her name. We would be glad to offer her service.

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