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Work with us

Work with us

Are you young, gorgeous and want a job that pays you well?

Then, working as an escort girl is perfect for you. It is the only job where you are paid well for going out with men. You just have to spend some time with them (usually an hour). Most of the time, you have to dine with them, attend a party as a loving companion, play their girlfriend for a while or spend some tender moments in our reserved apartment.

The best thing about being an escort is that you are treated like a queen. Men lavish you with expensive gifts, and take you out to places which are out of your reach. In return, you get tender kisses, strong embraces and wild thrusts of their organ inside your body.

Most of our escorts belong to an educated and affluent family. They belong to various professional fields such as models, bar dancers, ex-sports player, air hostess, actors, students, young girls out of college, even housewives too. They are working as a courtesan to live a comfortable life and support their family in a decent way.

We swear that we have never forced or threatened any girl to be part of our profession. We are not like cheap brothels that use all the dirtiest means to force young girls into this profession. Unlike them, we always tell girl what exactly she has to do and whether she is comfortable in working as an escort for us or not. If she shows any sign of nervousness or hesitation, we refuse her, no matter how beautiful she is.

Apart from this, we always ensure the safety of our girls while working. We continuously call our escort especially to ensure that she is safe while going out with a client. If she gets into trouble, we call the hotel or send our team to save her. Not only this, we also ensure that no explicit photos of our girls are leaked on the net or social networking while making out with her men. Switching off mobile phone is compulsory for both parties in case they are getting intimate in a private room. If somehow, a client refuses to cooperate, then we immediately cancel the deal without refunding him the money.

For being a part of our profession, just fill out details in online form mentioned below along with your best pics. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours of filling the form. Then, you would be called for a personal interview where your physical assets along with attitude will be checked out. Based on your interview’s performance, you will be recruited as a part of our agency.